Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Decorating for Valentines Day

I love pinks and reds, so clearly I love it when Valentines day comes around. I mean even the candy is better right? I always eat just the pinks and reds out of the candy and well this holiday just makes that easier for me!

I've seen some super cute ideas on the crafty blogs I follow and decided to make them.

First I made this wreath
I used a tutorial I found HERE

I couldn't find a heart one :'(
I used 242 circles in this one. I know that sounds crazy but it wasn't bad. Mr. Darling was in California for business so I could do as I pleased. I love how it turned out!

Second is this heart garland
To make the garland I cut 15 felt hearts out of each color (I used white, pink and red). I did that last night while "watching" a basketball game with Jim Dear. I just did them free hand. There are small ones, big ones, tall ones, short ones, it was just whatever. I did have to correct some of them. I cut them on the fold.
Then you just sew them together in one long strip

That's it!
I found this idea HERE
Oh and Tramp decided he was a model:
I had to beg him out of the pictures..brat.


  1. Jessica! I love your blog! I have a blog for Ella too. I will have to send you the link :)

  2. Yeah! It turned out great! I really like the round ones too. I would love to make one, but I am burned out on the cutting circles thing. Maybe next year. I love you heart garland. Hmmm...I do have some left over felt. Thanks for the link!

  3. Adorable! I wish I liked sewing because I cut out a ton of heart shapes out of the extra felt I had from making the heart wreath. Maybe I'll drag my machine out and give it a whirl! Great job!